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Original ideas on how to upgrade the garage door opener and maintain the garage door parts efficiently.

Is it advisable for me to install my own garage door?

This is not recommended because garage doors have various small parts that require technical skills and proper tools. The experts from garage door repair company in Amelia City advice homeowners that poor installation can be a safety hazard. This awareness not just prevents accidents but also damages to your door.

Can I replace a sectional door to my one-piece garage door?

Yes. You can ask your installer about it, but new track and springs should also be installed to accommodate sectional doors. Other modifications might also be necessary, but this will depend on the construction of your garage. Make everything clear to your installer before making any modifications.

Are wooden garage doors really high maintenance?

Yes, wood doors do require regular care and maintenance mostly because the material is heavy, so garage door parts need to put in extra effort. You also need to repaint, re-stain or prime whenever it gets chipped or faded. Our Garage Door Repair Amelia City experts recommend composite wood, which is steel with a wooden finish for that lovely wooden look without the heavy maintenance.

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